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Thank you for visiting Native American Community of Madison! There are two ways to become a part of the Native American Community of Madison community: either reply to a blog post or contribute your own story.

How to Reply to a Blog Post

  1. Click on a post headline, which will direct you to that specific blog.
  2. Then click “Log in”
  3. Select “register”
  4. Please fill out the form, including your username and e-mail
  5. Native American Community of Madison /WordPress will send you an e-mail containing your username and password.
  6. Retrieve your username and password that will be sent to your e-mail account you registered with. Please check your junk folder as some email filters will direct incoming emails to the junk folder.
  7. Next, enter the login username and password for your new profile.
  8. You will now be able to respond to posts. In the “Leave a Reply” section, respond to the blog post and then click the “Post Comment” button to leave your comments.
  9. Native American Community of Madison /WordPress  will review and then publish your reply/comment to the blog post as soon as possible.
One Comment
  1. Crystle Pewaush permalink

    Recently to Madison need contacts with Anishinaabe or of like. Coming from St Croix…Waabaaziiziiwaaniing Indoonjabaa.

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