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Widening the Circle Summit

March 17, 2012
Widening the Circle Summit
Conference & Strategic planning on the future of Indigenous Education
March 30th-March 31st
Hmong Cultural & Community Center
1815Ward Ave.
La Crosse, WI
For more information or to register please contact:
Pa Houa Vang

You are invited!
Please join us to learn more about the central themes and topics of Hmong and Native Indigenous Education and help us in developing a strategic plan for the future of Indigenous Education in Wisconsin including First
Nations and Hmong communities
The Summit will be a time to reconnect with others working in Indigenous Education and network with new allies. It will help to build partnerships and projects, and to exhibit and display the things that you have been working on for helpful suggestions from peers and colleagues. This will be a time of positive pause and reflection to ensure a cooperative path forward.

Summit Components:
Conference Friday – Saturday:
-Indigenous Education -Curriculum Infusion
-Tribal culture -Authenticating Resources
-Current Policy Context -US Assimilation Policy
-Role of Art and Theatre -Role of Advocacy
-Social Justice -Bias
-Native & Hmong history, culture
-Critical Theory and Deficit Model
-Intergenerational Healing/ Historical Trauma

Strategic Planning Saturday-Sunday:
Visions for Widening the Circle Symposium
What work are we doing in WI/MN?
What specific policy goals should we be focusing on?
-Act 31, Hmong Education and Migration Bill,
NCLB, American Indian Studies in higher
education, Indigenous language, others
How do we help and bring together current programs?
-WTC, HONOR, Full Circle, HMAA, Summer
Institute, outreach, FNTRC, others
How can we better work together with WIEA, Tribes, AIS Consortium, others?

Where do we go from here?:
Envisioning and developing something greater:
An Indigenous Education Institute
This summit is free and open to the public
Fully accessible
Meals are provided
Please see the schedule at


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